: immediate assistance | more information :

For immediate assistance and more information about domestic violence, explore these links. 

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and The National Domestic Violence Hotline

: political advocacy :

You can speak up and out for victim’s rights by contacting your local political representatives.

To determine, contact, and learn more about your local state legislatures, click here.

The House of Representatives and The Senate make and pass Federal laws.

Use this link to determine your local House of Representative(s). 

Click here for a complete list of the House of Representatives.

Click here to determine your local Senator.

: lethality risk assessment :

Could you as the victim or the victim you are assisting be especially at risk for homicide by a current or previous intimate partner? Download this document to determine the risk factors! Lethality Risk Assessment

: safety planning :

Please be aware that leaving is the most lethal time for victims.  A well-thought-out safety plan is a key to survival. Download this free “Safety Plan” worksheet, which will help you develop a safety plan.  DV_Safety_Plan

: housing help :

Do you or the person you are helping need safe housing? This thorough checklist may help as appropriate housing is sought after. Finding A Home For You (created by Truelove Homes)

If you or the victim you are assisting are in need of immediate housing, visit to search for local shelters.

: find an attorney | legal advocacy :

AVVO is a website you could use to find attorneys that specialize in any issue, anywhere in the USA. Simple enter “domestic violence” or “adoption attorneys”, then your city or state to sift through a list of attorneys. Be sure to find one with experience in domestic violence – your life depends on it!

Also, domestic violence programs in your local courthouse or YWCA typically offer victims legal advocacy to help you protect yourself.


NOTE: Truelove Homes receive no monetary benefit from these websites or services listed.