Myths About DV


:common myths about domestic violence:

Myth #1: Domestic Violence Only Happens To Poorer Uneducated Women.

Myth #2: Domestic Violence Doesn’t Affect That Many People

Myth #3: Abuse Only Constitutes Physical Injury.

Myth #4: Substance Abuse Causes Domestic Abuse.

Myth #5: Once We (fill in the blank) He Will No Longer Abuse Me.

Myth #6: He’s Saved So He Must Be Safe.

Myth #7: If It’s THAT Bad , A Victim of Domestic ViolenceĀ  Would Just Leave

Myth #8: The Abuse Must Not Have Been That Bad Or She Wouldn’t Have Returned To Him

Myth #9: All Victims of Domestic Violence Have Custody of Their Kids.

Myth #10: Upon Escaping An Abusive Relationship, Life Gets Better.