: about truelove homes :

Truelove Homes  is an online, Christian ministry that educates, encourages, and empowers survivors of domestic violence as they seek safe homes, where truth and love will dwell.

Our goals are to assist survivors of domestic violence by:

  • educating them on their options
  • encouraging their battered souls and
  • empowering them to secure safe homes

To accomplish such a task, our site provides a plethora of information including a free online course to assist victims of abuse and their loved ones as they sojourn through the darkness of domestic abuse.

At one point, we housed pregnant survivors of abuse, but no longer do so. Nevertheless, our website still offers some helpful information specifically pertaining to domestic abuse during pregnancy.

Take your time as you browse our website to educate, encourage, and empower yourself and others!

{note: for your own safety, you may want to clear your browser history when finished}


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